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Maintaining your property to keep plants healthy and stormwater properly managed is certainly important. But sometimes you have a little something more in mind. Maybe you want to update the landscaping. Maybe you would like to add features, like a sitting wall, patio, fire pit, or bocce ball court. Maybe you have concrete that needs to be repaired. Or maybe your landscaping needs some accents like a garden wall or rock border.

Whatever improvements you may have in mind, a landscape professional can help you find materials and designs that will improve the look of your home, help you make the most of your outdoor space, and increase the value of your home.

Having a beautiful outdoor space is about more than just curb appeal. Creating an outdoor space you can enjoy year round can help boost your mental and physical health, and providing a space for your loved ones to gather can bring family closer together. A knowledgeable landscape contractor can work with you to create a space that meets your needs and budget. Contact Four Seasons Landscape & Construction Services to bring your outdoor dreams to life!

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Landscape Updates

A landscaping update provides a facelift for your home, removes overgrown or outdated plants, and can save you money by using native plants that need less resources to thrive!


Edgestone provides a distinctive and polished stone look for your borders without the cost or height needed for a hardscape wall.


From walls to patios to firepits, we provide and install all your hardscape needs to complete the look of your outdoor space.

Stone Patio and Walkway:

Stone can provide a beautiful and functional use as a walkway or patio, or to assist with drainage in shaded areas, allowing water to absorb into the ground and preventing mud or erosion.


Steps, sidewalks, driveways, curbs, or patios- concrete is a durable and versatile option for any outdoor project.

Outdoor Classroom

Whether used as a tool to facilitate the topic being taught or just as an opportunity to get kids refocused and energized, an outdoor classroom brings school out of the building while still providing a dedicated learning space.


A water feature can be a soothing and beautiful addition to any outdoor space.


A water feature can be a soothing and beautiful addition to any outdoor space.

Bocce Ball Court

Whether above ground or inground, with a wooden border or paver wall border, a Bocce ball court is the perfect way to make your outdoor space stand out from the rest!