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Water is vital and powerful, and if not harnessed correctly, can be very damaging. If water is pooling in your lawn, especially near the foundation of your home, it may be necessary to hire a stormwater expert to help correct the drainage issues on your property before they lead to flooding or damage to your foundation.

The primary focus of drainage services is to move water away from the foundation of the home. Extending the downspouts to relieve in the lawn area will accomplish this task, but what if it doesn’t solve the problem completely? If you have clay or compacted soil, or problems with the grade of your property, this relocated water could just pool and flood a new area of the lawn.

While many landscape companies advertise their services for drainage problems, it takes a stormwater expert to create a plan to account for water volume and velocity, grade, and soil composition to allow water to infiltrate as it is meant to.

Proper infiltration of stormwater allows your lawn to filter the water and remove pollutants before it enters the water table and waterways, reducing sediment and pollution in the rivers and Chesapeake Bay. Water that sheets across hard surfaces like roads and sidewalks, then sheets across lawn areas that won’t allow water to infiltrate, leads to the water pouring directly into our streams and rivers with any chemicals, debris, sediment, trash, and other pollutants it picks up along the way.

Don’t allow standing water to damage your home or our streams, rivers, and the Bay. Hire the experience and knowledge of Four Seasons Landscape & Construction Services to create a drainage solution to move water away from your foundation and infiltrate stormwater into the lawn. Let us help you protect your home and the Bay!

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