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Stormwater Management

Stormwater facilities are designed to hold stormwater runoff while filtering sediment and contaminants before the water is discharged into a natural water body. These stormwater facilities have become more important as urbanization leads to increased impervious surfaces, like rooftops, parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. These surfaces create runoff instead of allowing water to infiltrate. There are many types of stormwater facilities that serve different purposes, often working together to direct stormwater, reduce flooding, filter contaminants, and allow water to infiltrate.

As with landscaping, stormwater facilities require regular maintenance to keep them functioning correctly. Poorly maintained facilities can lead to flooding, erosion, destruction of wildlife habitat, pollution in local waterways, property damage, and create breeding grounds for pests like mosquitos. Most stormwater facilities have turf areas in or around them, and one common mistake is using the same mowing practices for stormwater facilities as with lawn areas, resulting in ruts, grass that is too short, and more damage to the stormwater facility. These mowing errors can be just as damaging as poor maintenance of the facility. Over time, the lack of proper maintenance can result in enough degradation that an expensive overhaul and restoration of the stormwater facility is required.

A stormwater management expert will be able to design a maintenance plan to keep your stormwater facility functioning. If necessary, a plan to restore the stormwater facility back to the engineered plans will be completed first, followed by a maintenance plan to avoid costly degradation and restorations in the future. Contact Four Seasons Landscape & Construction Services to create a stormwater management plan to save you money, protect your property, and keep your stormwater facilities functioning safely and properly to keep our waterways protected.

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