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Lawn Renovations

Lawn renovation or reestablishment is sometimes necessary when a large portion of the lawn is bare or full of weeds. Hiring a professional to identify root causes and create a plan for improvement allows you to have a beautiful, healthy, functional lawn.

A healthy lawn adds visual appeal to your home, but the benefits extend far beyond aesthetics. Lawns create oxygen, trap dust and dirt, prevent erosion, and absorb stormwater pollutants. A healthy lawn can certainly provide a space to make memories with friends and family, while also reducing noise, glare, and heat radiating from asphalt, providing environmental protection to you and your family.

With the wide range of benefits of a healthy lawn, it is easy to see why a lawn renovation or reestablishment project is important. Whether a small patch needs to be addressed, or your entire lawn needs a fresh start, the process begins with identifying causes and preparing the area for new grass. This may include trimming a tree to allow more sun to reach the lawn or cultivating the soil to address compaction.

The lawn renovation may use grass seed or sod. It is important to keep foot traffic off the area while the grass is established, and proper irrigation is required. A knowledgeable landscape contractor can help you determine whether grass seed or sod will be a better option for your lawn and provide instructions for watering and mowing.

Don’t accept a patchy, weed-filled lawn that brings down your property value and withholds the benefits a lawn should provide. Make the health of your family and the environment a priority and contact Four Seasons Landscape & Construction Services to create and implement a plan for your lawn renovation. Let us help you enjoy the full benefits of a healthy lawn.