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Monthly bed maintenance includes hand pulling weeds, inspecting landscape plant material for disease, insect infestations, & cutting back perennials as needed. Trees, that are located in landscape beds, that are less than 8′ tall will be pruned in late winter or early spring, but thinning cuts will be performed monthly, as needed, to remove horizontally growing branches & cross branches that may be impeding on the natural growth of the tree. This service also includes established shrub pruning, as needed.

Providing & installing mulch to landscape beds improves both the look & performance of the landscape bed. Mulch serves the important role of regulating both temperature and moisture levels in landscaped beds, providing a more stable environment for plant material than they would have without mulch. It also adds nutrients to the beds as it naturally decomposes. Our full maintenance program allows us to maintain mulch at the appropriate depth year round, which can also help suppress most weeds! Proper mulch installation includes preparing the beds by removing weeds, making sure the soil is level and smooth, and installing a trench around the landscape bed perimeter in most cases. Then mulch is spread evenly. 

A very important benefit of full property maintenance is the opportunity we have to notify you of any potential issues before they become larger problems. This can range from shrubs or plants that need to be replaced to drainage issues in your lawn. Water will always travel the path of least resistance, causing landscape beds to flood, mulch to pour out into your lawn or sidewalk, drowning plant material, and even working its way through your foundation. Standard construction practices are to install downspouts without doing anything to redirect the water away from the foundation. This water adds to the pressure on your foundation and over time, it will cause cracks and lead to water inside your home. A healthy lawn will absorb stormwater (both through the soil and the roots of the grass), and proper grade will cause the water to sheet away from the house. Compacted soil will leave water pooling in the lowest area and improper grading may mean those low spots are by your foundation. Well trained landscape professionals who visit your house on a regular basis will be able to identify warning signs, and determine whether they are simply an aesthetic issue or if they are an indicator of a larger problem. There are many potential drainage solutions, and we are equipped to select the option that best resolves your issue! Proper grading around your home, renovating your lawn to improve the soil and turf, running downspouts underground to relieve away from the house, catch basins, and rain gardens are just a few ways we can direct stormwater away from your home, saving you a lot of money and a huge headache in the long run!